Thinking outside the box.

To find unexpected creative solutions you need an approach to work outside the box. Cat, Chicks & Buddies is characterized by an organizational structure where the driving creative element is a pool of young, talented graduates from the best design schools in Europe. Coupled with the experience of our senior staff, our Buddies, we serve up the perfect result. We start from a core team of a few people, but we can expand – depending on the complexity and type of project – to a team composed of several professionals. This guarantees both a truly personalized work plan, and a functional elasticity in costs. Whoever works with us has been selected due to their natural disposition toward a specific artistic-creative discipline, refined by years of practice and study. And for their empathy and joy: because without a smile, one can’t work as well.

Chiara Versaico

AKA “The Cat”: Cat, Chicks and Buddies’ undisputed Project Manager, firmly believes in the power of female multitasking. Within the creative team she deals with communication strategies and copywriting. She has a cumbersome past as a natural wellness and herbalist consultant, writer, and blogger, topped up by a scholarship and a second degree from NABA in the field of communications. The entrepreneurial instinct runs in her blood: following in the footsteps of her maternal grandfather, who was the founder of an innovative fashion house, she brings her previous start-up experiences in Italy and Australia to this young and dynamic creative agency.

Lorenzo Rogante

Everything that comes from his creative flair is out of every scheme and preconception. His talent for illustration allows him to create incredible, visually impactful animations across a range of different styles, in 2nd and 3rd dimensions… even the 4th dimension! 😉 He graduated in NABA with full marks, but his previous scientific & technical training, combined with a strong analytical spirit, have seen him deepen his knowledge across diverse topics in the fields of programming and web design. He hates to be told “you can’t do it”, especially by a machine. For this reason, he keeps himself constantly updated on the most innovative and new technologies, an activity that also helps him to develop his natural talent for problem solving.

Davide Trevisan

From a young age, he has been committed to revealing the secrets of photography, combining this with a long training in graphic design. Incredible, but true: he also manages to be one of those creatives who is punctual, precise, orderly, and attentive to details…. this we know to be rare! At Cat, Chicks & Buddies, Davide takes care of both shooting and visual identity design. Originally from Rovereto (Trento), his great passion for creative milieu led him to move years ago to Milan, where he graduated in Graphic Design & Art Direction at NABA. Since 2019, he has been teaching Brand Communication at ISGMD (Lecco

Alberto Calvanese

Creare Mondi integrati e interconnessi, per far vivere nuove esperienze di brand”: questa è la sua mission. Co-Direttore Creativo esecutivo della Cat, Chicks & Buddies, è la creative vision del Team. Per lui non esistono orari ma solo consegne: serio e tenace, con un forte senso critico ed estetico, ha un’esperienza consolidata in: strategia, sviluppo di concept, direzione artistica e creativa. Ha oltre 16 anni di esperienza nel settore dell’Advertising e del Marketing; la sua professionalità deriva da una lunga e proficua esperienza in Publicis Italia, dove ha lavorato su diversi brand internazionali. Nato e cresciuto a Milano, si è diplomato in Art Direction presso lo IED e successivamente ha conseguito una Laurea Magistrale a pieni voti in Arti Visive presso l’Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. È inoltre un Artista Visivo e promotore culturale, dal 2018 è docente di Storia dell’Arte e Discipline Multimediali presso l’Istituto Saletti di Milano.

Anita Noce

“Impeccable organization” is her middle name. And in fact, she is the COO of Cat, Chicks & Buddies, able to bring order and planning however, everywhere, always! She has over 15 years of professional experience, experience birthed in video production and complimented by company founding and direction in Event Management, Marketing & Communication Strategy and Press Office sectors.She has collaborated with various production companies and agencies, large and small, where she has refined the most effective management techniques for creative teams, clients, and event sponsors. She has also collaborated with the IED in Milan, where in the past, she studied Direction and Production and specialized in Film Making. Multifaceted, curious, and animated by an inherent artistic flair, in recent years she has deepened her experience with all things green and communication and is currently embroiled in a two-year course in Garden Design.

Sara Bettucchi

Events production director

Kim Noce

Animator director

Francesca Maxwell

Art director in stop motion animation & Production designer

Nica Harrison

Animator director

Ludovica Sodano


Luca Chiuselli

Digital communication specialist

Stefano Castiello

Senior art director & Designer

Roberta Steri

Social media manager

Giacomo Pantalone

Illustrator & Cartographer

Francesca Muollo


Alessandro Pepe

Make up artist & Hair stylist


Timeline supervisor


Team therapist




Stationery quality control


Security manager