Thinking outside the box.

You need an out-of-the-box attitude to find unexpected creative solutions for your work. Cat, Chicks & Buddies boasts an organisational structure built around a pool of very young talents, all graduated from the best design schools, performing as the creative lead. With the experience of our Buddies, our senior figures, perfecting the end results. Our core-team is tiny, but can widen to a comprehensive crew of different professionals, if the type and the complexity of your project require it. This way, we can assure you a really personalised working plan and a cost-flexible approach. Our professionals are chosen for their naturally strong attitude to a specific creative/artistic skill, tempered by years of study and working experience. And because they are nice people: you cannot work so well without a smile

Chiara Versaico

AKA “The Cat”: the unchallenged Project Manager for Cat, Chicks and Buddies, is a strong believer in the female power of multitasking. She is the reference for strategic communication and copy-writing within the creative team. In her past, significant experiences as writer and blogger, and as natural wellness and herbal medicine consultant; afterwards, a scholarship leading to her communication degree from NABA institute. Business runs in her blood: this new creative agency is an enterprise following the steps of her maternal grandfather, who  established a pioneering fashion house, as well as her past experience with start ups in Australia and Italy.  

Davide Trevisan

Davide began unravelling the secrets of photography since very young, soon pairing it with his extensive training as a graphic designer. He also manages to be the rare kind of creative person who is also on time, precise, orderly and with an eye to details. Quite rare indeed, in our experience. Within Cat, Chicks & Buddies he is responsible for shootings as well as a visual identity designer. Born at Rovereto (close to Trento), he relocated to Milan years ago, following his strong passion for the creative milieu, then graduating in Graphic Design & Art Direction from NABA. He has been a teacher in Brand Communication at ISGMD (Lecco) since 2019.

Veronica Lenatti

Despite she doesn’t live with cats but with two dogs, her feeling for Cat, Chicks & Buddies was immediate. She is efficient, organised and precise: skipping a deadline is simply not an option. She began her university career at IULM, after graduating from art school, which allowed her to understand how she needs to take communication beyond theory and from a broader viewpoint. Her studies than proceed with an Art Direction course at ISGMD in Lecco, where she graduated with honours. Her main job at Cat, Chicks & Buddies, in which she excels for personal resolve, is Art Direction; her natural curiosity and the firm yearning to learn also bring her in looking with interest at the worlds of graphics and copy-writing.  

Alberto Calvanese

Creating integrated and interconnected Worlds, to bring new brand experiences to life”: this is his mission. Executive Creative Co-Director for Cat, Chicks & Buddies, he embodies the Team creative vision. There is no clock for him, just deadlines: he is persistent and businesslike, has a strong aesthetic and critical sense as well as proven experience in strategy, concept development, artistic and creative direction. He has more than 16 years of experience in Advertising and Marketing; his professionalism comes form a long and fruitful experience in Publicis Italia, where he worked on several international brands. Born and raised in Milan, he got a Art Direction degree from IED, later followed by a master’s degree with honours in Visual Arts from Brera Fine Arts Academy. He also taught Art History and Multimedia at Istituto Saletti in Milan since 2018; he is a Visual Artist and cultural promoter.

Sara Bettucchi

She has been nicknamed “The General” for her skills in organising anything, even other people’s lives… which can be less than pleasant, sometimes, but is definitely priceless within an agency. For this reason, she is Cat, Chicks & Buddies Events Production Director: she is utterly patient and sweet, but can be firm and steadfast if the situation deems it. She has been working in show business for nearly 20 years, first focusing on video production (films, commercials, documentaries etc), then specialising in event organisation. Her career often centred on corporate and consumer events, as well as sport and exposition, but her experience covers the whole spectrum of her field, including Digital Events. She is an unstoppable war-machine on the job, but as you meet her in person her humanity reveals: she loves travelling, books and cats. And she believes in Love.

Anita Noce

When creativity meets organisational skills, there you will find Cat, Chicks & Buddies COO, and she will bring to any project coordination, motivation and novel perspectives. Her career of more than 15 years started off video production, then she explored Event Management, Marketing & Communication Strategy and Press Office fields, making them her own. She worked with several production companies and agencies, both big and small, where she perfected her great skills in managing sponsors, customers and creative teams. She also worked with IED in Milan, where she had studied Production and Direction, specialising in Film Making. Artistic flair is in her blood, she is curious and versatile; recently, she has been delving into green communication and following a bi-annual course in Garden Design.  

Ludovica Sodano


Martina Rocco

Art director

Roberta Steri

Social media manager

Francesco Rogante

Product designer & 3D modeler

Kim Noce

Animator director 

Nica Harrison

Animator director

Luca Chiuselli

Digital communication specialist

Francesca Maxwell

Art director in stop motion animation & Production designer

Giacomo Pantalone

Illustrator & Cartographer 

Francesca Muollo


Alessandro Pepe

Make up artist & Hair stylist

Stefano Castiello

Senior art director & Designer


Timeline supervisor 


Team therapist




Stationery quality control


Security manager